Tuesday, May 03, 2016


5/3 - deadlifts, situps, stretch, bridge
5/2 - press, chins, pushdowns, face pulls, curls, stretch, shadowbox, neck nods/rotations/iso, handstand hold


Civil War Week: Stick To Your Guns Like Cap | Nerd Fitness: "When Captain America is on the “wrong side” of the majority (as we saw in Captain America: Winter Soldier and again in this movie), he refuses to conform, is branded an outlaw, and thus gets hunted down by the government. Despite the overwhelming consequences of his decision, Steve Rogers sticks to his guns and stands by his creed. He stands up for what he believes in...
He’s removed emotion from the decision: there’s right, and there’s wrong. “If this, then I will do that. No matter what.” Yes, this is a VERY simplistic and idealistic way of looking at life; but whether we’re talking about making decisions about getting healthy, or moral problems that superheores wrangle with, sometimes standing your ground is the best way to do the most good. Even if those consequences mean coming down on the other side of a conflict from a great friend of yours...  you’re going to have to make tough decisions too. 

At every step in your journey you will have choices that aren’t black and white. You could have just one cookie or piece of candy. You could skip this workout just today. You could sleep in and not practice that skill you’re learning. You can not stand up for something you believe strongly in at work due to office politics or not wanting to offend your boss. 

Captain America would say enough is enough. Draw a line and take a stand. Otherwise you might as well quit now. In more practical terms for getting healthy, it helps to have a series of rules that you’ve established for yourself that remove emotion, guilt, and second-guessing from the equation. Nutrition: “I eat this. I don’t eat that.” Almost robotic in nature. No emotion involved. You either eat it or you don’t. Exercise: “I work out at 10AM on these days. I don’t skip them for ANY reason, no matter the consequences.” You put fitness first. Family: “I spend my evenings with my kids. I don’t bring work home with me after 5pm, no matter how ‘important’.” Commitments: “I don’t flake. If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I don’t say yes and then back out.” “It’s either a HELL YEAH, or a NO, regardless of whether it offends people. In each of the examples above, we all have thousands of things vying for our attention and focus. We need to have things we believe in, rules that we stick to, and live by. It might mean pissed off co-workers, an angry boss, or missed gatherings. It also means you get to do the things you need to do and spend time with the people you need to spend time with. These decisions do not come without consequences, but you have to stay strong.""

Steve Kamb (@stevekamb) • Instagram photos and videos: "Relying on motivation or waiting for inspiration to get in shape/travel/etc is a losing battle and it's why you're still where you are instead of where you say you want to be every year. Succeeding in those activities isn't a problem of motivation or willpower or inspiration. It's a problem of discipline. # Manufacture discipline and build systems in your life so you don't need to rely on those fleeting things. Want to "exercise more?" Sleep in your exercise clothes. Put your alarm clock across the room. Schedule your workouts in your calendar. No junk food in house. Give $50 to a political cause you hate every time you miss a workout. "

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