Wednesday, April 13, 2016


4/13 - shadowbox
4/12 - stretch, walk
4/11 - deadlift, press, chins, dips, curls, bw row, mobility/foam roll
4/10 - pushups, stretch

LIFT-RUN-BANG: Ode and origins: "People ignore simple training methods, because "there has to be a better way".  It's too simple.  I often think that most people that post on the internet that "train" (DYEL?) are more what I call, lifting intellectuals, than actual lifters.  They like to talk about training, and they like training methods that are fucking complex because, well, that gives them a lot of shit to talk about. So this kind of shit, the kind that Jim was writing about, was too simple for them.   Work harder?   Add more weight to the bar?   Do more reps?   What are these things you speak of?   There has to be a "better" way.  That's an inferior path. Who the fuck said? Why does there have to be a better way?  Because you aren't strong?  Someone is hiding something secret program from you?  Here's the real secret, no one is hiding anything.  And there isn't anything special about bands or chains or foam or special bars.  You can get as fucking strong and as developed as you're ever going to get with a very limited amount of equipment, and an unlimited amount of yearning to get better. Fucking fact.   But no one wants to really say that anymore. "

The Primal Transplant: A Story of Living with New Lungs, a New Lifestyle, and Swinging Kettlebells | Mark's Daily Apple: "By October I had lowered my BMI to 28, the maximum BMI to be considered for a lung transplant at UT Southwestern in Dallas. During the transplant evaluation they found that outside of my lungs, I was very healthy. I passed the evaluation and was placed on the transplant list in November. I continued to lose weight, exercise as I could, and try to keep as healthy as possible. On December 31st I was called into the hospital, and early January 1st, I received a bilateral lung transplant. The procedure went very well and my recovery was amazingly quick. I was released from the hospital after only nine days. That is exceptionally quick. Most lung transplant stays are at least twice that. I credit following the PB to my quick recovery. My core strength was good for the condition the rest of my body was in. I had worked hard to build a good gut bug colony, and I think they really helped me out there. I had also lost more weight, so it was easier for me to get out of bed and do physical therapy quickly."

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