Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Raising your hand & clapping both violate student safety.

Raised Hands Violate University Safe-Space Policy - Hit & Run : Reason.com: ""In a free and liberal society such as ours, it is imperative that people remain able to express their views, regardless of what others may think of them," it states. "This is currently not possible at the University of Edinburgh."  "The more ideas we challenge and discuss in public, the likelier we are to arrive at a moral and serious truth," Peters continued Peters. "I believe an institution which upholds the principles of free speech and diversity is superior to a Students’ Association that patronises its own students by insinuating that they cannot handle opinions that differ from their own. We are adults, we do not need condescension or safeguarding. EUSA does their students a huge disservice by engaging in this malpractice.""

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