Monday, March 07, 2016


3/7 - stretch, bench, db row, curls, pushups
3/4 - shadowbox


  1. Before fight, Rogan commented how McGregor fighting at WW would show other fighters they don't need to cut so much weight to gain size/reach advantage. Post fight, it's clear that Diaz's size and reach advantage played a major role in his victory and McGregor smart to cut to 145. Tate vs Holm was fantastic fight. Let's see Conor vs Frankie and if a more strategic Tate can defeat Rousey. Cheers!

    1. Reach, I think you're right. Size, not so much. They're both walking around at 170. They're basically the same size. As weird as it is to say, Diaz was right. Conor has KO power against little guys he cuts a huge amount of weight to fight. Against someone his own size, it's not the same. I think Diaz actually wins at any weight, tbh. A fight at 155 would be interesting. I'm not a huge fan of the whole weight cut thing in general. I like the old school Shooto/Pride/Pancrase "I weigh what I weigh and that's where I fight" psychology. Of course those guys got starched by a bunch of Americans who would do drastic cuts and and then blow up in the hours after the weigh in. Tate vs Holm was great. I'd like to see Edgar vs Conor as well. & I think Rousey beats Tate again, setting up the Holm rematch. Which should be fascinating.