Monday, February 01, 2016

I laughed.

Pretty hard.  Because I'm a bad person.  Still, funny.

Reader Mailbag: Racial Issues and the Alt Right | delicioustacos: "My relatives watch Kirk Cameron Jesus movies, so I’m not gonna talk shit on Tyler Perry Presents: Some Shit You Stumbled on on Basic Cable That Made You Think Maybe “The Bell Curve” Is Right...

Racism is wrong. But then you read white people’s anti-racist Facebook posts. Gawker comments. White liberals are cringing lying toadies and you get this reflex to jump to the other side. Whoever they’re against I’m for. This pussy hates Hitler? This Hitler fellow, I like the cut of his jib. Newspapers and TV, staffed exclusively with careerist pieces of shit. So: MSNBC/ Fox/ whatever other garbage bullshit detergent selling infomercial lying money grubbing TV network is shocked and appalled by Trump? Where do I donate?"

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