Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#Science - "In Russia, my little pony was the 7th most searched term last year..."

3 Recent Studies That Explore Porn Trends and Effects - Hit & Run : "Pornhub also looked at which searches have gained the most over 2014. Some of the more safe-for-work words: giantess (up 1,091 percent), real public sex (up 583 percent), romantic sex (up 267 percent), and lesbian seduces straight (up 244 percent). For U.S. users only, hardcore lesbian scissoring saw the most gain (up 918 percent), followed by celebrity sex tape (up 553 percent). Other leaps included extreme gangbang (260 percent), step mom shower (213 percent), and yoga (133 percent). 

The top three U.S. categories were Lesbian, Ebony, and Big Dick.  The U.K.'s top categories were Lesbian, Teen, and Mature, and british chav made its first appearance among the country's top search terms. The British were also the most likely to search for the term Indian. Meanwhile, in India, users were searching out their own bhabhis, actresses, wives, college students, aunties, and teens, along with Japanese and Indonesian porn.  Canada, notes Pornhub, "is one of the few countries that does not feature its own nationality as a top searched term."  The Italians are the only consumers for whom footjob and feet make it into the most-searched. In Brazil, some of the fastest-gaining search terms include Pokemon and Scooby Doo. In Russia, my little pony was the 7th most searched term last year...

"The categories viewed more often by women compared to men included "lesbian," "solo male," "hardcore," "rough sex," "gangbang," "bondage," "double penetration," "toys," and "gay (male)." Overall, the top Pornhub categories for female visitors were Lesbian, Gay (male), Big Dick, Teen, Threesome, and Babysitter while the top categories for male visitors were Teen, Big Dick, Ebony, Milf, Lesbian, and Mature."

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