Saturday, August 08, 2015

Obama's Iran agreement “to the benefit of world peace.” - Ron Paul

Ron Paul supports Iran deal | TheHill: "Former Rep. Ron Paul said in two recent interviews that he supports the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran, calling it “to the benefit of world peace.”"

“We have learned and been conditioned to distrust and hate the Persians, and that they’re gonna kill us,” Paul said. “But there’s no history to show that Iran are aggressive people.”   “When’s the last time they invaded a country? Over 200 years ago!” he added, comparing Iran’s support for terror groups to “what our CIA does.”   “We’re in 160 countries, and Iran is, you know, involved with Hezbollah and the others, trying to protect their interests,” Paul said.   He compared Obama’s deal to one reached by Ronald Reagan with Soviet Russia in the 1980s.   “Reagan did another deal with the Soviets, at the height [of the Cold War], and they had 30,000 missiles!” Paul said.   “They didn’t say boo about Reagan doing it!” he added. “And yet that was even a bigger gamble — but it was the right gamble to make.”"

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