Friday, October 09, 2015

" soon as you realize that the model you've been looking at maybe isn't so firm as you thought... Then you're free."

President Obama: Wizard or Failure? | Scott Adams Blog: "Russia is moving into Old Syria. Iran already owns the parts of Old Iraq that ISIS and the Kurds do not. Israel fears that the nuclear deal with Iran is a mistake of unthinkable proportions. The data suggests that President Obama is a total failure when it comes to the Middle East. Or… he is one of the most gifted wizards of persuasion and strategy our generation has ever seen. The data fits both interpretations. You already know the interpretation that says Obama failed. Allow me to give you another interpretation – one that isn’t necessarily true – but happens to fit the data...

The Master Wizard filter says that President Obama – magnificent bastard and Commander in Chief – just suckered Russia and Iran into the quicksand while taking The United States out of an endless and unwinnable fight. And … doomed ISIS in the process. The United States can’t defeat ISIS militarily because doing so would require killing too many civilians. Russia and Iran will have fewer problems in that regard because they control their media and their leaders don’t need to ask permission. And let’s say you want to build a virtual wall around ISIS to contain them. You would need a substantial military power to guard the coast. You need Russia.  Right where they are deploying. The Master Wizard filter says President Obama has a winning plan for eradicating ISIS at the lowest cost for Americans. America’s frenemies have now encircled ISIS, and the American media with their freedom of the press will not be there to watch what happens next. ISIS is reportedly planting landmines around captured cities to keep the civilian population from escaping. They expected the United States to avoid bombing population centers.  They were right. But they they did not expect the United States to turn over the fight to Russia and Iran. ISIS is done. "

Dilbert's Scott Adams on Politics, Philosophy, Hypnosis, and "Failing Towards Success" - ""You can defend an entirely different view of the world using the same data that's used to defend the standard model. So whenever I can do that, I'm so there," says Scott Adams. "Because as soon as you realize that the model you've been looking at maybe isn't so firm as you thought... Then you're free.""

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