Monday, May 11, 2015


5/11 - press/push/btn, chins, dips - stretch/foam roll

My Fitness Journey - Melody Decena Wyatt: "LK @ me in 2009! I know, I know.. I’m just as embarrassed as you are BUT I wanted to show everyone what a complete cardio bunny/party gal’s bod looked like. So get this, I was totally one of those chicks that would run up to 5-7 miles a day and only do body weight exercises, trying to get skinny; THEN I’d go party on the weekends (WHAT was I thinking!?) I even thought I had a bangin body that when I had found out I was prego, I completely flipped thinking, “WAHH, there goes my amazing body!” Pshh, I’m in WAY better shape as a mother than I ever was before my munchkin came… Anyway, I’m so glad I broke away from that “get skinny” mentality because now, I absolutely love being a strong determined woman withambition and drive rather than some wanna-be-skinny party-girl concerned about what outfit I was going to sport at the club that weekend. We are all born with potential; however, it means nothing if you don’t do anything with it. Don’t be pressured into being anything less or hold back from discovering your strength and how amazing you can be."
Why? | 70's Big: "Every time you step under a bar, you’re doing. Instead of talking or watching, you execute. Every time you look at the distance you’ll sprint or the thing you’ll lift with an honest, healthy fear, you are doing. When you look down at your hands and see grit, callus, and blood, it’s the product of work. The product of life. You train for a purpose, do you not? Training is nearly synonymous with suffering, because true training is difficult. At times, it’s a giant pain in the ass. The moment is hard when the doubt or fear sets in. The planning is hard when you pass on adult beverages or place head to pillow one hour earlier. But there is purpose to this suffering. Not only for the end result, but the moment of clarity when you burst through the fear or adversity. It’s the small victory, the success in the moment. It’s re-racking or lowering a weight with quivering muscles, the electricity flowing through your body. At the success in the moment. There is purpose to this suffering. And that’s why we do it."

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