Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Training - "A workout is a personal triumph over laziness & procrastination."

3/10 - chins, shadowbox/heavy bag, carrenza, stretch, COCT/grip

LIFT-RUN-BANG - Brutal Truths: "1.  What you are right now, probably isn't good enough, so just be honest about it. 
Plenty of people lack enough self awareness to be introspective to understand that the reason why they often come up lacking in areas of their life they think they should be excelling in, is because they just aren't good enough yet... In powerlifting I rarely read where a guy says he missed an attempt because he just wasn't strong enough.  It's always "I got forward" or "misgrooved it" or "the handoff was shitty".  Yeah, but if you were just flat out fucking strong enough that shit wouldn't matter. 
4.  Your goals are probably going to take longer to attain than you are willing to be patient for
 At the beginning of every year gyms are flooded with people who really believe this is going to be their year of change.  Physical change, I mean. Six weeks later it's generally the same people in the gym that were there the rest of the year. The fact is, most things you really want to accomplish take far more time than you realize.  Breaking old habits is hard, and they often creep back in and don't creep back out without a tremendous amount of effort and time.  There usually has to be something dramatic that happens in someone's life before a paradigm shift happens that alters the path they had been on. Most people that find the gym or fitness or whatever, often have a story about how they had just had enough of what their life looked and felt like physically, so that they never wanted to be in that position again.  The reason some people don't have that paradigm shift is because they don't hate their current situation enough for that shift to take place, or for that shift to cement itself into habit. You know what is not a terrible idea?  Take whatever time frame you have for your goals right now, and double them...

5.  Failure is inevitable  
Some people just quit at the first sign of failure.  They get to a sticking point, and just say "fuck it". Some people aren't willing to fight for things.  For various reasons.  Whether they believe it's not worth it (sometimes it's not), or because they aren't good enough (sometimes you aren't), or because well shit, it's just too fucking hard to overcome this particular loss. But the fact is, failure is a part of lifting and life and cannot be avoided. What matters the most is, how you handle failure, what you learn from it, and what you do with it. If you let failing destroy you, then you may not get back up from it and thus, yes you failed.  You failed because you refused to get the fuck back up.  Not because something didn't work..."


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