Saturday, March 07, 2015

"It’s the American Dream as nihilism..."

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Is a Great American Dream – Flavorwire: "The show’s conceits remain the same from week to week: the gang scheme in pursuit of some ridiculous goal, and there’s a sweet optimism to their delusions. This is the week they make money, this is the week they get the girl, or find love, or go on a road trip, and so on. Whatever the case, the venture falls apart, so every episode is set back at zero. They’re are as consistent in their confidence that their expectations will become reality as the person who votes against their social interests because they’re not rich yet. It’s the American Dream as nihilism; the audacity of permanent hope, getting up and thinking that this is the day that everything changes, only to have it blasted apart again. It is the most American fantasy of all...

Dennis is the creepiest character on the show; a playboy operator, maybe a serial killer, definitely prone to rage blackouts, but Howerton (who, fun fact: went to Julliard) is amazing at revealing a crazy person inside a guy that puts on a human suit every day. The beauty of his delusions make the character endearing, even when he’s horrible."

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