Friday, February 27, 2015

"Would you like me to lie to you now?"

Over 10 years, now.  Angel’s finale brought hell to earth, and it was beautiful · Watch This · The A.V. Club: "“Not Fade Away” encapsulates Angel’s central philosophy: The fight against evil is one that never ends, but you just have to take your best swing. It does all this while also being both an emotional roller coaster and a twist-filled action thriller. And even though the world is ending, the finale also mixes in Angel’s distinctly dark humor, best captured by Acker in plainspoken lines like, “I wish to do more violence.”"

Gunn - "Okay, you take the 30,000 on the left ..."
 Illyria - "You're fading. You'll last 10 minutes at best." 
Gunn - "Then let's make them memorable." 
Spike - "And in terms of a plan?" 
Angel - "We fight." 
Spike - "Bit more specific?"
 Angel - "Well, personally, I kinda wanna slay the dragon. Let's go to work.""

Illyria - "You'll be dead within moments" 
Wesley - "I know."
 Illyria - "Would you like me to lie to you now?" 
Wesley - "Yes. Thank you, yes." [Illyria morphs into Fred] "Hello there." 
Illyria/Fred - "Oh Wesley. My Wesley." 
Wesley - "Fred, I've missed you." 
Illyria/Fred - "It's gonna be okay. It won't hurt much longer and then you'll be where I am. We'll be together." 
Wesley - "I-I love you." 
Illyria/Fred - "I love you. My love. Oh, my love."

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