Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Training & Food Log.

8/13 - deadlifts, bbell rows, seated machine rows, curls -- pullups/chins

8/12 - pushups, pulldowns, 2d shoulder fly, rear delt fly, seated scott press, tricep dips, seated db curls, wrist curls, rv wrist curls, knee-ins, laying hypers -- recovery/Thai massage

8/11 - recovery/Thai massage

8/10 - ran stairs

WRT Food Log, my camera decided to stop working for a bit last week, so photos would be spotty, plus for a myriad of excuses better unmentioned, last week I ate like a diabetic with a tapeworm and an impulse control problem [mmm, cheeseburgers...] so the less said about that the better.  Onwards.

As much as I'd like to be all optimistic and positive, "Hey, let's get healthy!" has never worked as well for me as "Go train you fucking fat ass, and stop being such a fucking pussy."

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