Tuesday, April 30, 2013


4/30 - P90X2 D72 PAP Lower -- glute bridge x50

4/29 - P90X2 D71 PAP Upper

4/28 - P90X2 D70 missed workout/X2 Yoga

4/27 - P90X2 D69 rest/off

Awesome work - No Weak Bitches (Happy New Year Everybody! So for New Years, I...)
"Happy New Year Everybody! So for New Years, I thought I’d post a before and after of me over the span of 2 years! (I actually have a lot more before and afters through different stages of me) This is me in the same exact bathing suit, and I attempted the same pose/hair too lul (For people who like numbers) I was about 130lbs in the picture on the left, and on the right I am about 123lbs. Not a big difference in numbers but THAT MEANS NOTHING. I just have to say, lifting has saved my life. It not only has given me the most fucking awesome hobby ever, it has completely changed the SHAPE of my body. I wake up every morning feeling awesome and strong and I get excited to go to the gym everyday to test my strength and endurance.

Seriously ladies, GET OFF THE FKN ELLIPTICALS AND GET LIFTIN! Your body will thank you for it! It’ll also make you feel badass and give you this new found sense of confidence. It may also possibly make you into a douchebag and make you want to take daily douches everyday, flex in the mirror and say “dyel brah?” all day…but that’s alright. You’ll learn to love it and embrace it…because I sure have."

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