Friday, June 17, 2011

All you need to understand about the Weiner "scandal."

Daily Kos: Congratulations to the Democratic leadership!:
"Congratulations to the White House and the House Democratic leadership! Anthony Weiner will resign.

Bush will not be investigated for lying us into war, authorizing torture, and spying on American citizens; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Cheney will not be investigated for lying us into war, authorizing torture, and spying on American citizens; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Rumsfeld will not be investigated for lying us into war and authorizing torture; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Rice will not be investigated for lying us into war; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Clarence Thomas will not be investigated for rank corruption; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Justice has been served."


  1. This is about the most ignorant Blog post I have ever read. It's amazing that this "LIE" was voted in support of by almost every democrat in the house and senate. Colin Powell, who you seemingly leave off your 'guilty as charged' list above - maybe because he ducked tail and ran to Obama's side when it was politically expedient to do so, therefore currying favor with your far left agenda, must have been duped into the fog of betrayal in order to hike himself up to NYC and the UN to deliver the 'evidence' of Saddam's chemical weapons. But if Bush did "LIE" genius, then why would the democratic party not pull out the trump card of 'impeachment' since the man was so vilified by the left that the media would have pushed the cause to the 'nth degree in order to scar and tatter his presidency. Unless you are to believe that only the republican party is capable of impeaching a president for truly lying...under Oath, but you must have missed that on Clinton.

    Your support for Weiner yet your indignation about the war in Iraq is based neither in intelligence or common sense. But you knew that already when you wrote what you wrote. For the left don't truly believe 75% of what they say, for if they did, they themselves would not be progressive...they would be human. For what other party, other than democrats (now aka progressives), demonize achievement and work ethic by wanting to give the underachieving and lazy the benefits from those who accomplish? Give me a are simply a shock value blogger. Your posts are baseless rants void of facts, common sense and rationale. You should try reading David Mamet's new book. Hell, he was once probably one of your favorite playwright/screenwriters until he awoke to realize that liberals are 'brain dead.' God bless you...or wait, God is a 'weirdo' according to you, right? Nevertheless, as I John says, "Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist." Is this you? Most on the left seem to be becoming more atheists/agnostics and therefore, according to scripture, antichrists. What a doomed life. Nevertheless, God bless you!

  2. Hello Anonymous with your Anonymous post made Anonymously - your anonymity, of course, inversely proportional to anything resembling credibility, lucidity, or even reading comprehension... but since 'tis a rare thing to get a comment round the way of my own personal pressure release valve - let alone one as painfully ignorant and misconstrued as yours - I figured I'd retort on an early AM as the coffee fires up my brain cells.

    You seem to be under the delusion that by noting the hypocrisy and puerility of the political and media classes when faced with the Weiner nonsense, as opposed to, say, the implementation and conduct of the wars of the last decade - by both major political parties and actors of the US - that this makes me a supporter of the "progressive left" or the "far left agenda." Were there a remedial reading class, or perhaps one on logical induction and/or deduction, I would certainly recommend it to you.

    The rah-rah allegiance to either 'left' or 'right' in the modern kabuki theater and shadow puppetry that is 21st century American politics is as emotion-laden and nonsensical as rooting only for your local sports team, a holdover of a goofy tribal and pack mentality. Both left and right are simply the same statist, authoritarian political class and as such, both equally guilty. Neither side would ever do something as ridiculous as impeachment over war crimes they all rallied around and supported. What you interpret as "support" for Weiner, when never any mention is made of such a thing, is simply the notation of how our adolescent nation catches the vapors at the suggestion of sex and loses its collective shit, whereas it obviously couldn't care less about hundreds of thousands dead and wounded, on both sides.

    Oh, and as to "your 'guilty as charged' list above" - you are aware that I didn't write that, right? That it's from a link and quoted from elsewhere? The quotation marks and link are what we call a "clue." If unfamiliar with how the internets works I recommend you return to your coloring books and come back to the web at a later date. The lack of Colin Powell in that list may, indeed, reflect biases of the author, but your inability to construe that I am not said author, or your misapplication of logic in applying all inferred biases of the author to me... well, we'll just say I weep for the education system sometimes.

    I am indeed, cheerfully agnostic and atheistic, and far prefer the idea of "reasoning things out" and "trying to be nice to people" instead of having an unthinking fealty and loyalty to mythology texts and folk tales by a small, bronze aged, Middle Eastern tribe featuring a vindictive and vengeful Invisible Space Daddy/Replacement Father Figure in the Sky who is seemingly way over-concerned with the sexual habits of his creations.

    And I always enjoy a nicely hateful, passive aggressive "god bless you" - makes me happy in my special places - so thanks for that.