Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kid's Easter Party at the Embassy.

We went over Friday afternoon to dye Easter Eggs and fill up Kid's Easter Baskets for the Saturday party for the employees of the Embassy...  and Saturday we headed over to help set up and man our game station for the day...

Sandy has 360 Degrees of Easter cheer.

Me field testing/performance checking game materials.  Clearly NOT goofing off.

Our game station for the day.  I was hoping for real darts, but oh no, "too dangerous," they said.

Wifely Awesomeness.

Cheering & Wifely Awesomess.

Cuteness overload.

Little dude had a heckuva arm.

Egg Races are serious business.

Bunny hop racing was adorable raised the the tenth power.

Three legged racing.

Tent o' food deliciousness.

How exactly does a rabbit get all those eggs, for that matter?

Post party.  Clearly worse for wear, though the Mrs holds up better than I.  However, afternoon naps were soon had by both.

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