Sunday, March 28, 2010


Wow, this week was kind of a clusterfuck.

Last workout was Monday. And I've no excuses whatsoever. Took a couple mental health/vacation days at the end of the week. I had nothing but time. I could somehow blame the end of the school year - closing ceremony on Wednesday - but that'd be disingenuous at best. I ended up spending most of my time screwing around with my blog, Facebook, setting up a Twitter account [just what I need, another time waster], downloading TV shows and going through my Google Reader feeds... You know, all that may give me that quick brain-chemistry/task-accomplishment hit, but in the long run it's unfulfilling and makes me hang my head in faux-shame...

Not sure how many times I'm going to have to beat it into my own head that there's really nothing more important than getting a workout in that I'm can get done in that hour I'm procrastinating my ass off. In that hour I'm not gonna make any kind of significant headway 'finishing the internets,' getting 'caught up' or checking things off my 'to-do' list... I know this, but sometimes it just doesn't kick me in the ass enough to make something happen. And the last 4-5 days or so provided yet more evidence that when I don't channel whatever it is that I have to channel into PT, it goes into the internet, junk food and alcohol.

So anyways, today I reached my threshold with that nonsense. And made penance.

 [Yes, I figured that if after 20 years of running from the influence of that church I'm still stuck with the vestiges of guilt, shame, fear and punishment - well, then I might as well use some of that inanity to feel better on occasion. So, therefore, penance to absolve my sin of sloth.]

And I made penance by doing 4 of the P90X workouts back-to-back, for 4 hours. [Which still, mathematically, puts me a day or two behind the tally I'm supposed to be at, but it is what it is...] Totally not encouraged, recommended or even a good idea - I imagine I'll feel like a truck hit me tomorrow - but it got me back on track.

3/28 - P90X - 21 - Shoulder & Arms / Kenpo X / Legs & Back / X Stretch

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