Thursday, October 01, 2009

'Science fiction is the gateway drug.' - Terence McKenna

» Podcast 198 – “Terence McKenna on NPR – 1999″ - Notes from the Psychedelic Salon:
"'Drugs are here to stay. They’re a part of post-modern life. There will be more and more of them. Wherever they are illegal they will spawn criminal syndicalism. We need to sit down with our children and explain to them how you take drugs, how you evaluate their effect on you, how you make decisions absent social pressure and hype and how you come to terms with this particular aspect of modern life. … If we don’t educate people we are going to produce a continuous supply of victims for the courts and the prisons to make their grist.'

'I’m not interested in cataloging the varieties of the doorways to the secret. I’m interested in finding one doorway that works.'

"You know, the dirty little secret of Northern California’s vast economic success down at Silicon Valley is the creativity that was injected into this area in the 1960s through the LSD revolution. In many, many significant cases it’s the same people.""

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