Thursday, September 10, 2009

This sounds genius, I must read this.

Short ‘n Curlies #10 by Si Spurrier | Bleeding Cool Comic News & Rumors:
"Scepticism Inc. is narrated by an A.I. supermarket trolley. Yes. It’s the story of Edgar Malroy: proprietor a string of licensed Metaphysical Betting Shops, where punters can put-down money on religious assertions… let’s say, ten dollars on “God Is Love.” They get a badge to show-off to the rest of their congregation – see how strongly I believe? – Edgar gets their money, and of course there’s no way “the nuts” (as he affectionately calls them) can ever prove a result and collect their winnings.

See, Edgar’s noticed that people with firm beliefs – be they monotheist, polytheist or atheist – will do just about anything to demonstrate how fervently they know their own article of faith to be true. And so he challenges them to “Put Your Money Where Your Metaphysics Are.”

…And it’s not until a lot of very nutty people are competing with one another – who can give away their money the fastest, to prove their strength of faith? – that they begin to twig what’s going on. Edgar’s commitment to the Agnostic Principal (“Who Knows?”) is so strong – and he believes so firmly that metaphysics is not just inherently silly but that the world would be better-off without it – that he’s cheerfully devised a way to bankrupt all the world’s organised religions.

Things get stranger, twistier, and more ludicrous from there on. Not least because Edgar – devoted enemy of Organised Faith – has accidentally fallen in love with God’s One True Representative."

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