Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"...you're the biggest thing in the way of your success!"

Reminder to self, obviously.

Figure Athlete - Stop Sabotaging Yourself:
"...Forget about the tempting, convenient Burger Hut down the street. Forget about the fancy 'indulge yourself' slogans. Forget about the pressures you face from your so-called friends and family to just 'have a little.'

'C'mon, it's just one teeny-weeny, little cupcake.'

We can't change the world. The only thing, the only person we ultimately control is ourselves.

...Living a lean, healthy lifestyle is like that. It's full of choices. You don't have to go to the gym. You don't have to eat right. Nobody is making you. Sure, there are benefits if you do. And, of course, there are consequences if you don't. But, it's your choice.

...Self-Sabotage 101

Mistake #1: The Blame Game

That being said, the worst thing people can do is play the blame game. When people shift the blame elsewhere, they're basically rejecting their responsibility to take care of and control themselves.

Those people struggle with their weight their entire lives. Why? Because they don't have a problem! In their eyes, I mean. It's everyone else that has the problem. It's everyone else's fault. Burger Hut shouldn't be there. French fries shouldn't taste so yummy. Co-workers shouldn't bring cookies in. And my all-time favorite, "I have my mother's ass. Thanks a lot, mom!"

These blame-game victims always struggle because they've never owned the responsibility they have in their weight problem, and therefore they can't change the outcome. And that's sad because it's an absolute powerless place to be.

Mistake #2: Winging Your Nutrition

...If you want to be successful, don't wing your nutrition. Plan it!

Mistake #3: Saying "Yes" to Everyone But You!

Many people feel bad saying no to others when they're asked to do something they really don't want (or have time) to do. They take on too many responsibilities, and before they know it, their calendar is full of things they have to do for other people, leaving little or no time for themselves.

Good for your friends; bad for you.

...Mistake #4: Focusing on the Negative

Everyone knows that when you want a positive outcome, you focus on the positives...

Try doing the opposite...

1. Take Responsibility
2. Set Goals and Have a Plan!
3. Practice Saying "No"
4. Focus on the Positive!

...Being healthy is a choice. It's your choice."

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