Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Fightlinker » Blog Archive » Jews go to Hell:
"’s always nice when someone wishes you to have eternal happiness. But it’s not so fucking nice when it’s a conditional eternal happiness, and if you don’t meet that condition you don’t get salvation. And hey … if you’re not saved, where do you go? Fucking hell. And you burn forever like the goddamn heathen Jew sinner you are.

That’s always been a big rub for me and religion … how can anyone support something that condemns so many people to something as horrific as hell? I’d like to think that any God out there isn’t going to give a shit if I’m a Jew or a Christian or a Muslim or a Pastafarian for that matter. I figure when I die I’m gonna meet him up at the gates of wherever and he’s gonna say “Well Ryan, you were a good guy and you did a lot of good things. Since I’m not an egotistical asshole, I don’t mind that you didn’t believe in me, because you followed the tenets of what I was all about. Actually the fact that you did this on your own and not because of the whole bullshit heaven/hell reward/punishment thing makes you even better than everyone else.”

And then we’d high-five, drink some beers, and hit the strip club."

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