Monday, December 03, 2007

New at Reason: Drew Carey Defends Poker

Cops bust VFW vets for charity poker games. What amazing douchebaggery.

Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > New at Reason: Drew Carey Defends Poker:
"In his latest video for, Drew Carey examines a paramilitary-style raid on a poker game at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1837 in Dallas, which has now been forced to close its doors.

"This story highlights the hypocrisy that surrounds gambling in this country," said Nick Gillespie, editor of "States will gladly take your hard-earned money if you want to play the government's lottery. But if you sit down with some veterans to play Texas hold 'em you may end up with cops, in full riot gear, busting down your door. No one gets hurt when consenting adults sit down for a game of cards. And there's no reason for the government to get involved.""

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