Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oh thank god, it's not just me.

Though I'm feeling much better now.

I was 28 when I heard the Countdown start: 52 Wrapup 2 - on continuity and multiverses:
"For some reason love of superhero comics and other forms of fantastic fiction seems to go hand-in-hand with wanting to put the stories into some form of order. This seems to be an almost primal drive - my nine year old niece visited the other day, and I let her rifle through a box full of comics I no longer wanted and take any that took her fancy. At first I thought she was getting them at random, but she spread them on the floor and started sorting them by title, asking questions like 'Does Green Lantern Corps go with Green Lantern?' and 'Should I put Batman Detective Comics with the ones that just say Batman?'"

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