Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today's reason Japan is better than America.

Because when Japan elects a professional wrestler to legislative office, he wears his luchador mask to work.

I mean, Jesse Ventura's a bad man, but we'll just declare the Great Sasuke the winner on this one, kay?

The Great Sasuke enters the Iwate gubernatorial race!» Japan Probe:
"Professional wrestler and prefectural assembly member The Great Sasuke, who has stirred controversy by attending sessions by wearing an outrageous wrestling mask, has decided to run in the upcoming Iwate gubernatorial race, his aids have said.

...He insisted on wearing his mask while serving in the assembly, something that clearly annoyed some of the other assembly members. LDP politicians in the assembly tried to pass a motion that would have banned members from wearing masks in the assembly hall, but their attempt failed. The people of Iwate Prefecture elected The Great Sasuke, who had campaigned using his wrestling name and wearing his mask, so it was obviously their will that he should remain The Great Sasuke while serving them in office."

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