Friday, April 21, 2006

Resistance is counterproductive.

Alchemically Braindamaged » Blog Archive » It’s Only the End of the World, Again:
"Contrary to what you might think, digging in and defining oneself in adversarial stance to anything else makes you an accessory to their plans, not an obstacle. Arguing against something only lends it credibilty, rather than leaving it to rise and fall on it's own merits as the crazy blood thirsty bullshit that it is. It's like arguing against ethnic cleansing: do we need to argue against ethnic cleansing? Do we really want to give the maniacs who spout that kind of shit any more credibility by standing across the line from them? No fucking way. They'll just suck you into their hellworld of mass murder and make you the token resistance in it. Fuck them and fuck their fantasies. Envision somthing positive and make them fight you for a change. They're cowards and they'll lose in the end. Guaranteed."

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