Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm really kind of a geek. Yes.

During our visit to Nagasaki with Bachan, my Geek-Sense [TM] was firing on all cylinders. My Geek-Laser-Vision [Patent Pending] picked out these two fine examples of geekitude. A flyer of a color blind and badly attired Superman posted on a community announcement board... A more rational mind would intuit it's some kind of fire safety posting. I prefer to think of it as an announcement for the annual OKAMA fireman's ball, featuring a surprise guest appearance by the Superman from Earth-Gay [soon to be added to the multiverse pending the outcome of Infinite Crisis].

And the Angelus street sign makes the geek checklist as Angel's [of Buffy/Angel/Joss Whedon fame] real name is Angelus.

I now both hang my head in shame and fly my geek flag proudly. I am a paradox wrapped in an enigma encased by a puzzle.

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  1. Ha HA! Welcome to the ranks, my brother.