Friday, December 02, 2005

He's quite the Christian. I especially like the loving way in which he bombs people.

Rigorous Intuition: "And your little dog, too":
"Bush's piety and vulgarity is not the straightforward hypocricy of a Nixon. He contains both, and undoubtedly more we can't see, within a painfully fractured personality. Describing Bush's first meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, The Globe and Mail's Lawrence Martin wrote that 'the Canadian side, while aware of the president's penchant for religiosity, had been expecting to talk more about softwood lumber than the Ten Commandments. The Canadians didn't expect the morality play. Nor did they expect that, almost in the same breath, Mr. Bush would be filling the air with the f-word and other saucy expletives of the type that would surely leave the Lord perturbed.'

Disturbingly, and further suggestive of a generational sickness, Bush's sexual vulgarity appears to have a parental component. Asked at the Republican Convention in 1988 [the second convention at which Omaha's Larry King - paedophile, pimp, Satanist and Bush confidant - had been invited to sing the national anthem] 'When you're not talking politics, what do you and [your father] talk about?' He replied, 'Pussy.'"

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